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Schema Visualization ‚Äč


Most graph databases don't enforce a schema and they infer one on the basis of the data. Only some products like TigerGraph require one to design a schema prior to adding data (as is the case in all relational DB's).

If you wish to render a schema it should as simple as calling a DB method (like CALL db.schema() in the case of Neo4j) and turning the returned info into a Qwiery Graph instance.

If you use the built-in Qwiery data access you can use the inferSchemaGraph method which will also infer the schema. In the case of a SQLite, for instance, this will scan all labels and all edge types and assemble a schema graph correspondingly. This also works with the JsonGraphStore and other implementations.

Of course, if you don't have any labels on nodes or edges this will result in an empty schema.