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Getting Started ‚Äč

Qwiery jumpstarts your graph-driven development by providing:

  • a web application (Nuxt, Next, Angular...) with graph editing, schema visualization and more
  • an HTTP (REST) service focused on graph CRUD (create, read, update, delete)
  • a flexible graph data abstraction layer with implementations for SQL, OpenCypher, JSON...


Our Dashboards demo is a good starting point to see what Qwiery can do.

No need to install a graph database, Qwiery comes with a JSON (in-memory and/or file based) implementation. This is great for prototyping apps, generate visualization ideas and more. With one line of code you can switch to SQL (yes, graphs in RDBMS) or another backend (Neo4j, MongoDB etc.).

No need to buy or install a graph visualization package. The default setup is based on the Cytoscape graph library and is sufficient for basic editing and simple graph visualizations.

If you need more juice on the visualization level, we have also branches on top of yFiles and Ogma. Provided you have a valid license, these frameworks will articulate advanced graph visualizations and go far beyond what the basic Cytoscape version does.

If you need more business logic or middleware, the code is well-documented and carefully crafted:


This is open source software (MIT license) and comes with good-intentions support. For custom feature, enterprise versions, guidance and bespoke development, see the enterprise page