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Various elements of the UI can be customized to match your (customer's) brand.

The logo is displayed in the top left corner of the UI. It can be customized by uploading a new image. The logo can be an image format or SVG and the actual size is 32x32 pixels but the uploaded images will be scaled to fit this. A square image will work best, otherwise the upper-left will only be visible.

If you reset the image, the default Qwiery logo will be used.

The image is part of the local browser storage and is not shared with a server. If you share a dashboard the logo will not be included.

Application Name

The application name is displayed in the top left corner of the UI besides the logo.

You can also opt to have no name displayed.

The social icons in the upper-right and the links in the footer can be disabled, if you wish.

We will make this editable and more customizable in the future.